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There is something so simple and beautiful about fall in Minnesota.  It is extraordinary.  After a busy summer and the remarkable journey to Alaska and back, October has come as a welcomed time to rest and regroup. Alaska was unlike anything I have experienced here in the lower fourty-eight, as they call it. It is [...]

The adventures keep on coming! I truly feel so grateful to be having so many great experiences! Lets start with a month and a half ago at the Pine House Café in Mt. Laguna, CA.  I had back to back shows over my weekend in the mountains!  The Café had a tremendous staff and delicious [...]

Last month was very eventful. I went to several Diaconate ordinations of very close friends of mine, played a few concerts locally here in the Twin Cities and traveled to the East coast where I played a few concerts in our nation’s capital and in Virginia Beach for Memorial Day. I also participated in the [...]

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